Environmental policy & certification

KTEMP is a leading Greek Company in the field of production and distribution of isothermal certified systems.

KTEMP, following a sustainable growth path, and aiming the rational use of natural resources (with a view to minimizing negative effects on the environment), developed and implemented an Environmental Management System, according to the global standard ISO 14001:2004.


  •   Implements all relative Environmental Legislation and satisfies the conditions of approved environmental conditions of the competent authority.
  •  Applies continuous staff training from qualified experts.
  •  Keeps up the Environmental awareness of its suppliers.
  •  Implements the Environmental Management system across all of its activities.
  •  Prepares and implements Environmental dynamically evolving goals.
  •  Continuously improves Environmental behavior relative to prevention and emergency response issues.
  •  Promotes mutual cooperation relations with relevant social organizations and all other interested parties, contributing to the adoption of measures for continuous improvement of environmental protection
  •  Performs frequent Environmental measurements (noise measurement, consumption of energy and water resources etc.).

The Environmental Manager is responsible for the proper functioning of the Environmental Management System (EMS) and ensures that it disclosed to the staff and conforms to procedures at all levels of the production process.

The main protagonist in this effort is all the company’s staff who responsibly, supports and implements the Environmental Management System through their daily work.

The C.E.O of the company, is committed to provide all those means necessary for the proper functioning of the EMS and to keep it up-to-date.

This policy’s been communicated to all staff and to all customers of the company.


Vasilios Koukos
January 1st, 2015

Isothermal Boxes Industry
10th Km Schimatari Viotias