IQ Boxes for Ambient use

A certified Isothermal system, made in box form, suitable for 48h safe transport of Medicines or other sensitive products in ambient range .

The IQ box features grates advantages due to materials used during production:An  Internal Patented  3 layers isothermal shield,  creating an ideal hermetic, resistant and the most important 100% Controlled environment for the medicines transport, regardless of travelling distance or external environmental temperatures

The IQ box is exclusively targeted  for  ambient use (15-25°) for medicines ,cosmetics or other products. It can be combined with soft or hard icepacks depending on requirements and products’ nature that need to be transported. It is certified according to AFNOR  standards ,for minimum durance of transport 48 hours and meets all  the quality standards of E.U market.


  • Due to  the small thickness of internal isolation shield, the final (net) internal space is significantly larger, compared to competition.
  • The internal isothermal patented shield  creates a High certified isolation.
  • Keeping and distributing homogenous the temperature within the box, for 48 h transports ,not depending to exterior  range of temperatures.
  • Extreme resistance to shocking, impacts and vibrations due to high quality and nature of materials used.
  • High repeatability usage.
  • Totally hermetic due to PUR cover WITH ALU foil that minimizes the temperature divergence.
  • Fully assembled, offers low transport cost due to small external volume.
  • Easily palletized.
  • Waterproof.
  • Fully recycled.
  • Customized dimensions can be produced due to flexibility of materials used.We find solution to any requirement!!
  • The external carton box can be printed according to customer requests.


For medicines , pharmaceutical, cosmetic  products that need to be kept refrigerated up to 48h and in range of +15 ° up to +25°

Specs AMBIENT 6LT SUMMER specs Ambient 18LT Summer

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