Company Profile

Company Profile

Who we are

Our company B & K.KOUKKOS SA, with a  35 years backround  of experience in the technical product sector, after studying the needs of time and modern Pharmacy , as well as other sectors such as: Transport, Logistics etc., entered a new field: the manufacture of innovative technology products, Insulated means of transport designed for safe transportation and preservation of perishable goods, medicines, vaccines etc., Food in the cold chain, stable to climate change and extreme temperatures (high and low) and for a period up to 48 hours.

For that, Ktemp was created, as a new branch of B & K.KOUKKOS SA.

Ktemp  designs, manufactures and supplies the Greek as well as the foreign (European and Global) market with Certified Isothermal Systems produced in GREECE .

Our two product lines

  •  IQ BOX system: for medicines and perishable goods transported in high temperature and for Summer Period . A certified system reaching the demands of Ambient (+15° up to +25°) for 48 hours or more based in case study scenarios
  •  SENSO BOX  with use in Cold chain : High risk Medicines and especially vaccines, insulins that must be maintained at temperatures from +2° up to +8° degrees Celsius for up to 48 hours.

Why Ktemp?

We provide:

  • Simple implementation and usability.
  •  Isothermal systems with lower price compared to the competition of foreign products of same expertise and quality.
  • Even more payload NET space compared to other boxes of same dimensions.Less weight due to less icepacks used .
  • Durability and re-use.
  • Due to higher quality of isolation materials ,more stable thermal line especially in High Greek Summer Temperatures .
  • Recyclability of materials.
  • Elimination of the high risk of deterioration in the goods transported.

Our products are submitted to exhausting testing in extreme heat or cold scenarios, in Certified Climatic chambers in Athens Politechnica  and always according to European standards (AFNOR, ISTA). Only calibrated instruments certified partners are used for these tests.Also we  have practised customized mappings in Hard Greek real summer scenario with extremely results in the box .
Let us know what your needs are, and we can produce customized Isothermal Systems according to your needs.

You give us a problem, we find the solution.

Isothermal Boxes Industry
10th Km Schimatari Viotias